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This will be a list of Internet links useful to me, my colleagues, and my students. These will be serious links, except those added on days when I have become silly. Hey, it happens! Since many of these sites are interlinked among themselves, you can jump around between them. This page is prepared and maintained by J. B. Owens of Idaho State University. If you have trouble with a link, please contact me at OWENJACK@ISU.EDU or, if your system will support it, by selecting this button: Mail Now. Please include your name and e-mail address. Thank you for your help.

Links to More Links

Search Resources
Here you will find links to sites that allow you to search for Internet resources using key-word searches or indexes. I have included a number of different sites because some are better for finding certain types of information than others. If you don't find what you want using one, try another.

Latin America, Portugal, and Spain
Because my primary research interest is Iberian history, and particularly that of the Hispanic Monarchy and the modern country of Spain, this particular page gets longer all of the time.

Historical Studies
Although some links related to the discipline of History are included on other pages in this Scholarly Links section, the majority of them will be found here. Because it is not necessary, given my interests, to include all history links, I start this page with links to History sites that do try to be more comprehensive.

My primary intention in creating this page is to provide links to sites dealing with literature, philosophy, music, and the visual arts which might be of use to my students.

Social Sciences
In addition to sites of particular use to my students, I have included here some which attempt to provide a comprehensive introduction to social science resources on the Internet.

Geographic Information Systems
Research technique employed for the visual analysis of complex, nonlinear historical developments.

Constituting Countries
One of my courses, "Constituting Modern Spain, 1808-1982," is a comparative study of attempts to create countries on the basis of written constitutions. On this page, I maintain links to sites which may be useful to my students for their class projects.

This is a page of links to the catalogues of important research libraries, to lists of library links, and to information sites on universities and research centers.

About the Internet and WWW
This page provides links of use to those from novice Internet users to those who are creating their own web sites.

Soccer Information
Life has left me with few vices. This is one of them.

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