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Research Topic Locations

From the following list, you must select one location as the focus of your research project for J. B. Owens's course The Spanish Empire. Most of the locations are cities, but in a few cases they are geographic regions (e.g., the region of Gujarat rather than the city of Surat). I have given the region as the location when I have felt that a student might have trouble getting sufficient information about one city within the region. If you chose a regional location and then find that you have sufficient information about a particular city, you should alter the topic to concentrate on that location.

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  1. Aceh (Acheh, Achin, Atjeh)
  2. Aden
  3. Algiers
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Antwerp
  6. Barcelona
  7. Bengal
  8. Benin (Slave Coast)
  9. Buenos Aires
  10. Burgos
  11. Burma (Arakan, Pegu)
  12. Cairo
  13. Caracas
  14. Cartagena de Indias
  15. Celebes (Makassar, Macassar)
  16. Chile (Santiago)
  17. Cochin
  18. Constantinople/Istanbul
  19. Coromandel region
  20. Delhi (region: Mughal capital)
  21. Extremadura
  22. Fukien (Fukian, Fo-kien)
  23. Galicia/Minho
  24. Genoa
  25. Goa
  26. Granada
  27. Guadalajara (in modern Mexico)
  28. Guatemala City (Antigua Guatemala)
  29. Gujarat
  30. Havana
  31. Hispaniola (Española, entire island)
  32. Hurmuz (Hormuz, Ormuz)
  33. Jamaica
  34. Japan (Nagasaki)
  35. Java
  36. Levant region (Valencia, Cartagena)
  37. Lima
  38. Lisbon
  39. Luanda (Loanda, Angola)
  40. Macau (Macao)
  41. Madrid
  42. Manila
  43. Melaka (Malacca)
  44. Mexico City
  45. Milan
  46. Minas Gerais
  47. Moluccas (Spice Islands)
  48. Mombasa (perhaps with Kilwa, Lamu, and Malindi)
  49. Morocco
  50. Naples
  51. Pernambuco
  52. Portobelo (Porto Bello)
  53. Potosí
  54. Quito
  55. Salvador da Bahia (de Todos os Santos)
  56. Santa Fe (New Mexico)
  57. São Jorge da Minha (Gold Coast)
  58. São Tomé (Island)
  59. Senegambia
  60. Seville
  61. Sicily (Palermo)
  62. Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  63. Venice
  64. Zacatecas
  65. Zambezi region (Mozambique, Sofala)

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