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Welcome to the ISU Geometry Seminar home page

The Geometry Seminar meets on Fridays from 3 p.m. to 3:50 p.m. Talks are in the Math Department conference room (317 PSB) unless otherwised noted. Talks are of three types. There are talks by geometers on their research results, aimed at advanced graduate students and other geometers. There are "basic notions" talks; these are talks on fundamental ideas in geometry that are accessible to a person with an undergraduate degree in math. Finally, there are talks by on applications of geometry in science accessible to a wide audience.

January 26
The Ricci Flow for Homogeneous Spaces
Tracy Pa
February 2
Tracy Payne
February 9
The Ricci Flow for Nilmanifolds
Tracy Payne
February 23 Title to be announced
Bob Fisher
April 6 Analyzing the Shape of Things, Especially Organisms, Using Approaches that Conserve the Original Geometry
Ralph Chapman
Idaho Virtualization Library
April ? Title to be announced
Jason Behrstock
The University of Utah