(Version June 1997)


Order Urodela Salamanders and Newts

Family Ambystomatidae     Mole Salamanders

    Ambystoma tigrinum                    Tiger Salamander

    Ambystoma macrodactylum         Long-Toed Salamander

 Family Dicamptodontidae  Pacific Mole Salamanders

    Dicamptodon aterrimus               Idaho Giant Salamander

Family Plethodontidae         Lungless Salamanders

    Plethodon idahoensis                    Coeur d'Alene Salamander

Family Salamandridae         Newts

    Taricha granulosa                         Roughskin Newt

Order Anura    Frogs and Toads

Family Leiopelmatidae         Bell Toads

    Ascaphus truei                             Tailed Frog

 Family Bufonidae               True Toads

    Bufo boreas                                 Western Toad

    Bufo woodhousii                          Woodhouse's Toad
Family Pelobatidae                 Archaic Toads

    Scaphiopus intermontanus           Great Basin Spadefoot
      (=Spea intermontana)

Family Hylidae         True Tree Frogs

    Pseudacris regilla                         Pacific Tree Frog
     (= Hyla regilla)

    Pseudacris  maculata                   Boreal Chorus Frog
     (= P. triseriata maculata)
Family Ranidae         True Frogs

    Rana catesbeiana                         Bullfrog

    Rana pipiens                                 Northern Leopard Frog

    Rana luteiventris                          Columbia Spotted Frog

    Rana sylvatica                             Wood Frog

1 Names are generally consistent with Collins, J.T. (1990). Standard Common and Current Scientific Names for North American Amphibians and Reptiles. Third Edition. SSAR Herpetological Circular No. 19: 1-41.

Prepared by C.R. Peterson, Herpetology Laboratory, Idaho State University & The Idaho Museum of Natural History