(Version June 1997)

Order Testudines         Turtles

 Family Emydidae                 Pond and River Turtles

    Chrysemys picta                     Painted Turtle

Order Squamata

 Suborder Lacertilia     Lizards

 Family Anguidae                 Anguids

    Elgaria coerulea                     Northern Alligator Lizard

 Family Crotaphytidae

    Crotaphytus bicinctores         Mojave Black-collared Lizard

    Gambelia wislizeni                 Longnose Leopard Lizard

Family Phrynosomatidae

    Phrynosoma douglassi          Short-horned Lizard

    Phrynosoma platyrhinos       Desert Horned Lizard

    Sceloporus graciosus            Sagebrush Lizard

    Sceloporus occidentalis       Western Fence Lizard

    Uta stansburiana                  Side-blotched Lizard

Family Scincidae                 Skinks

    Eumeces skiltonianus           Western Skink

Family Teiidae                    Teids

    Cnemidophorus tigris           Western Whiptail

Suborder Ophidia Snakes

Family Boidae                    Boas

    Charina bottae                     Rubber Boa

Family Colubridae             Harmless Snakes

     Coluber constrictor            Racer

     Diadophis punctatus           Ringneck Snake

     Hypsiglena torquata           Night Snake

    Masticophis taeniatus         Striped Whipsnake

    Pituophis catenifer              Gopher Snake

    Rhinocheilus lecontei          Longnose Snake

    Sonora semiannulata          Ground Snake

    Thamnophis elegans           Western Terrestrial Garter Snake

    Thamnophis sirtalis            Common Garter Snake

Family Viperidae             Vipers

    Crotalus viridis                  Western Rattlesnake

1 Names are generally consistent with Collins, J.T. (1990). Standard Common and Current Scientific Names for North American
   Amphibians and Reptiles. Third Edition. SSAR Herpetological Circular No. 19: 1-41.

Prepared by C.R. Peterson, Herpetology Laboratory, Idaho State University & The Idaho Museum of Natural History