Dorothy Sammons


Associate Professor, Instructional Technology & Design

Chair, Graduate Department of Educational Leadership & Instructional Design

208 282 2569


College of Education

921 S. Eighth Ave, Stop 8059

Idaho State University

Text Box: For Family and FriendsPocatello, ID 83209


Curriculum Vitae


Courses Taught, Academic Year 2010-2011:

EDLT 6616: Integration of Technology in K-12 Curriculum

EDLT 6621: Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology

EDLP 706: Advanced Research Design: Quantitative

EDLP 704: Conditions of Teaching & Learning

Instructional Design Projects:

FossilPlot an NSF grant to Drs. Leif Tapanila and Dan Ames, Geosciences, ISU, for development of on-line database and instructional website for paleontology and historical geology.



Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Dotty\Documents\DigitalStones\BUTTONS\MAINMENU.TIF Digital Stones multimedia content for the technological and functional analysis of archaeological stone tools. CD authored in Macromedia Director, available as download (130 Mb zipped file).



Research Interests:

Student-authored multimedia; task analysis; interactions between Instructional Designer and Subject Matter Experts; application of Instructional Design models in academic contexts; Research design.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Sammons, D., Tapanila, L., Ames, D., Thomason, C., & Agamba, J. (2010). FossilPlot 2.0: Online Graphing Software for Teaching Paleontology Content at the College Level. Presentation to the National Association of Geosciences Teachers, Pacific Northwest Section, Annual Meeting, Twin Falls, Idaho, June 23.

Northwestern Plains Projectile Point Typology Workshop 2007, organized by E.S. Lohse, D. Sammons, C. Schou, J. Frost, K. Turley-Ames, and A.W. Strickland. Simplot Decision Support Center, Idaho State University, September. Funded by HSSRC/ISU.

Sammons, D., Lohse, K., Strickland, A.W., & Lohse, E.S. (2007). Collaborative concept mapping: Using cognitive systems engineering to explore expert knowledge. In Montgomerie, C., & Seale, J. (eds.), Proceedings of the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications 2007, 4144-4148. Chesapeake, VA: AACE, (Paper presented in Vancouver, B.C., June 2007).


Sammons, D., Lohse, E.S., & Strickland, A.W. (2005). Integrating archaeology into the US school curriculum. Paper presented to the Theoretical Archaeology Group annual meeting, Sheffield, England, UK, December.


Adams, H. Strickland, J. & Sammons, D. (2005). Ecological perspectives on distance-learning. Paper presented at E-Learn 2005: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare and Higher Education, Vancouver, CA, October.


Sammons, D., & Lohse, E.S. (2005). Helping on-line learners construct mental models of physical systems. Proceedings of ED-MEDIA: World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, Montreal, CA, June 2005, pp 2321-2327. Retrieved December 3, 2009 from


Sammons, D., Lohse, E.S., Schou, C. Strickland, A.W., & Schlader, R. (2005). A secure user-created database of archaeological information. Paper presented at the IASSIST/IFDO Meetings (International Association for Social Science Information Service & Technology and International Federation of Data Organizations), Edinburgh, UK, May 2005.


Lohse, E.S., Schou, C. Schlader, R. & Sammons, D. (2004). Automatic Classification of Stone Projectile Points in a Neural Network. In Enter the Past: The E-way into the four dimensions of cultural heritage, CAA 2003 Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Proceedings of the 31st Conference, Vienna, Austria. British Archaeological Reports, International Series, 1227: 431-434. Extended version of paper on CD-ROM.


Lohse, E.S., & Sammons, D. (1998, 2004). Digital Stones: A guide to the analysis of stone tools. CD-ROM, Laboratory for Archaeological Digital Imaging, Idaho State University, Pocatello.

Parker, C. & Sammons, D. (2003). Using HyperStudio to promote higher-order thinking skills. Proceedings of the National Educational Computing Conference, retrieved July 16, 2003, from 30% acceptance rate; proceedings published digitally.


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Lohse, E.S., Schlader, R. & Sammons, D. (Summer, 2002). Anthropology 491: Teaching an on-line laboratory course. Internet Archaeology 12, available (by subscription) at:


Strickland, A.W., Harris, L., Mattocks, T., Strickland, J., & Sammons, D. (2001). Creating Web-based programs for international delivery: curriculum and faculty concerns. Proceedings of the ED-MEDIA/World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, Finland, June 2001, pp. 1817-1820.