Department of Biological Sciences

Sacha Johnson, Instructional Technologist

Sacha Johnson, M.Ed.

Instructional Technologist
Blgd. 65 Room 209

Sacha began working for the ISU Department of Biological Sciences as a production technician with Dr. Carolyn Bunde in 2005 and was hired as an Instructional Technologist in 2007. She creates and edits content and learning objects for online biology courses including Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Introduction to Pathobiology. She is involved in creating videos, animations, and interactive activities for online/distance learning students. Sacha is also available to help faculty with website maintenance and other technology use issues.

Sacha received her Bachelor's Degree from Idaho State University in Mass Communication (focusing on television production) in December 2005 and continued on to earn her Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology in December 2012. She is now working toward a Ph.D. in Instructional Design.

Her current research and instructional interests include self-directed learning, facilitating learner motivation in online courses, adaptive instruction (a.k.a. intelligent tutoring, personalized learning), creating effective virtual laboratory simulations, best practices for "flipping" the classroom/laboratory, and creating engaging and effective instructional materials using Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning in academic (rather than corporate) settings. She is a firm believer in the Serious E-Learning Manifesto and tries to incorporate these principles into her instructional materials wherever possible.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209